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We are a brand and communication agency based in Italy.
Our name may be new to you but our work will definitely catch your attention.
We are designed to stick to your needs when it comes to build your brand reputation
and deliver award – winning PR and social campaigns.

What we do

It starts with a vision. Whether you're looking to enter the market, establish a new product or increase your online presence, our first task is to understand your business goals and shape a coherent digital communications strategy around them. We can do that because we deliver cutting edge services that will perfectly support your business and connect with your customers. We study, plan and deliver excellent digital strategies. Generating media endorsement and audience engagement we are able to deliver a real commercial advantage for our clients.


Prova di spiegazione

How we do it?

We think the only way to satisfy our clients is to welcome in our agency creative people, trained to use our innovative process to build ideas that really deliver


Giuseppe Palaia

Giuseppe Palaia

Managing and PR director

believes in his mustache, rides a fixed gear bike and listen to indie music. He practices as journalist but suddenly he feels the digital is his thing. He studies communication sciences in Italy and abroad and workes in agencies mainly taking care of the online communication. He believes in a simple and effective communication, the one that engage thousands of people. Innovation distinguishes between leader and follower.

Giampaolo Cataldo

Giampaolo Cataldo

Account and Marketing director

has never worked in transforming his passions into a profession: Marketing, Communication, Social Media and Sports Management. He is still fighting to become the most idiot among idiots, in the sense of Carmelo Bene. Willing to do anything to win the challenge, he graduates in Communication and specializes in Sport Management. Between mind and brain he has chosen beer, red double malt. The Future Is Unwritten.

Daniele Palaia

Daniele Palaia

Head of Design

is a graphic designer, a computer geek and a true Apple lover. Working on his way out of IED, the european institute of design, he likes to read manga, sketch on big surfaces and look at his mother making lasagna for him. Occationally he practice martial arts but that doesn’t mean he likes to fight with people. Good artist copy, great artist steal.

Gabriele Maffoni

Gabriele Maffoni

Web Dev.

uses CMSs in a non conventional way: he loves dismantling a template's PHP code and shaping it as he wants. He is studying at IED Florence and has the passion for the smallest things: Mac Pro, rooms filled with transparent whiteboards and 200GB of music inside his computer. He hates people but loves mankind and, above all, vanille tea. Whatever you think, think the opposite.


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